Jules and Sharpie

Jules & Sharpie have known each other for a very long time. They met when they were both in their twenties in London, very often ending up living in the same neighbourhood. Their lives have been intertwined ever since and they are the closest of friends. The Fields didn’t take much persuading to relocate to Suffolk a few years after Sharpie and her family, so the two friends were neighbours again. Finding they had a dangerous amount of spare time on their hands they hurled themselves into the unknown territory of food production, launching the jules & sharpie business in 2002. Their talents dovetailed neatly into the new venture and after 10 years of doing it all themselves they sold the successful brand to Thursday Cottage. Unable to give up their protégée entirely, Jules & Sharpie continue to be involved in the business in its new Essex home and are still the best of friends.

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