Lane Farm Country Foods

Lane Farm is a family run farming business situated in the heart of Suffolk.

We began our farming career back in 1987 but it was the love of good food that led us to diversify into food production in 1995.

After converting an old dairy into an EEC approved production unit we began our award winning British dry cured bacon and our speciality sausages. Our business has grown steadily over the years and today we have extended our range into cooked hams, smoked products, air-dried Suffolk Salami and the Suffolk Chorizo.

All the pigs we rear at Lane Farm are born outside before being finished on a straw based system in a welfare friendly environment. Our pigs are fed on a cereal-based diet, specially designed to improve the taste and succulence of our pork.

In 2002 we built our smoking room where we blend oak and beech chips over which we smoke our bacon and gammons. We also extended our salami production area in 2011 where we continue to carefully make our special Suffolk Salami and Suffolk Chorizo (both of which have won awards including Great Taste Awards and the EDT Suffolk Product of the Year 2010)


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