Mrs Bennetts

The family has been producing traditional pickles and chutneys for four generations. In the words of the current Mrs Bennett:

‘It all started with Piccalilli (or “pickled-willy”) as I used to call it as a little girl – much to my Gran’s amusement . Its bright yellow colour looks just amazing and it tastes even better. It’s made using my great grandmother’s secret recipe, which is not known to anyone outside of the family. She’d be very proud to know that it’s now an award winning product being enjoyed far and wide.

Our range of products has expanded, but we make all of our pickles and chutneys by hand at home in Polstead, Suffolk. Polstead is a small village in the valley of the river Box – famous for it’s black cherries, the Polstead Black, which is often turned into a potent cherry brandy. Polstead is infamous too, for a murder most foul – The Red Barn murder committed in 1827.’

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