Nacton Farm

Home Farm Nacton comprises 2,500 acres of high quality agricultural land on the historic Orwell Park Estate, on the north bank of Suffolk’s Orwell estuary.

The farm is a patchwork of woodland, heath, grass and arable land – used for organic vegetable production as well as cereal crops. We’re currently working on 350 acres under Soil Association organic certification, with a further 40 acres in conversion. The farm is also LEAF marque certified.

Like much of the Suffolk coastal strip, the land is extremely sandy. This light soil is easily worked and perfectly suited for production of many vegetables, including asparagus, fennel and root crops such as beetroot, swede and carrot. The farm also grows leeks, onions, celery and a wide range of brassicas, from long-standing British favourites like Brussels sprouts, traditional cauliflower and Savoy cabbage to the less well-known green and black kale, Romanesco cauliflower and cavolo nero. Another brassica crop, now well-established as a popular winter vegetable, is purple sprouting broccoli.

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