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Local and International Delicacies.

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at Friday Street Farm Shop

As of Summer 2021, our bespoke delicatessen and walk-in cheese room have been open for business and offers a fantastic customer experience. Set alongside our in-house butchery department, our deli features a selection of quality produce from the UK and Europe. You can pick up a variety of freshly cooked snacks for lunch, treat yourself to a selection of cured meats, olives and antipasti, or venture in to our refrigerated walk-in cheese room and browse the wide selection of flavours and textures on offer.


Explore local & international flavours

Our bespoke walk-in cheese room is attached to our deli. Slide open the door and you’ll find a large array of delicious cheeses from around the world. So many textures and flavours to be explored – cheddar, gouda, goat’s cheese. Not sure which one to choose? Just ask one of our friendly staff to assist you. We can also suggest items to accompany your cheese selection, such as popular wines and preserves.


Delicious flavours

Whether you are popping in for a local slice of ham, or looking for something a bit spicier, here at the Friday Street Delicatessen we offer a large array of locally produced and cured meats. Great for accompanying your cheese platters, adding to an appetiser, filling your sandwiches and topping off your pizzas. And the best part is, you can buy as much or as little as you need, ensuring you experience the freshest possible produce.


Enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean

Our deli features an impressive selection of locally and internationally prepared olives and antipasti. Select as many as you like! Mix and match your favourite stuffed olives, sample our creamy feta stuffed peppers, enjoy the burst of flavour from our cornichons and balsamic onions, and admire the taste of our sunblush cherry tomatoes and artichoke hearts. You’re sure to find something different to try on each visit.


Straight from our Deli Counter

We sell a variety of locally made items, perfect to pick up and takeaway for a quick lunch or to pack in your picnic hamper. Choose from a delicious selection of pastries including favourites such as sausage rolls or Bray’s award winning pork pies, bought in especially from North Norfolk each week. 


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